Agents of Aggro City Online (Game Access)


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Agents of Aggro City is a community based online game and adventure. Help your city reduce aggro levels by building your agency, defeating aggromites and researching new ways of keeping city aggro levels at a minimum. Play from any web browser, tablet or phone. Build your agency, upgrade your offices with equipment, hire agents to increase your resources, make medical advancements, research new advancements, complete missions, go out on the field and defeat aggromites, engage in cyber defense pvp, upgrade your character gear and so much more. Launch the game from any web browser, no downloads needed.

* 2 Games in one. Strategy Building Game & Turn Based RPG Adventure
* No downloads needed. Play from any system, phone, tablet or PC
* One time payment. Everything is earned in game, no need for additional purchases
* Upgrade your agency base with equipment to earn resources
* Engage in Cyber Defense PVP and build your PVP Rank
* Explore the city and level up your character (Level Max +120)
* Buy gear and upgrade your character equipment
* Complete research and medical advancements
* Earn in game achievements to earn meta crystals
* Complete Quests and Missions
* Join or create your own agency branch and earn experience
* Compete for ranking and climb the ranks
* Countless hours of gameplay
* and so much more…

YOU GET:  1 Direct Game Access Key (used to register your account)
BONUS: You get the free soundtrack mp3 download Strider (No Hating on Me)

*Use your access key to unlock your player account. All purchases are done securely through paypal. You will have access to your shop access keys, downloads and account info after your purchase is completed.

You can access the game here:

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