ELITE Sponsorship Package

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With the Elite Sponsorship Package, you help support our small team of developers and you get some extra perks for your added support. The Elite Sponsorship’s extra features lasts for as long as you have your game account with us and only requires a “one time purchase” to activate. (Works only with Agents of Aggro City Online)

What you get with this package:

  • One Access Key to unlock the ELITE Sponsorship Package in game.
  • Get access to ELITE Achievement Avatars.
  • Get ELITE Sponsorship Chat Background.
  • Get access to Exclusive Missions.
  • You can send more donations.
  • You get a 750 Meta Crystal bonus now.
  • You get 750 Meta Crystals each month.
  • You get added to our Hero Map.
  • You help to support our game & updates.

*This package can not stack and can only be used once per account.

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